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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Favorite Time of the Year

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

This is my favorite time of year and it seems this is when I am always the most productive. There is something clean and rejuvenating about Autumn. The leaves are falling; the wind is blowing; the colors are vibrantly changing. If you're lucky enough to be in a part of the country where there is a definitive change of seasons it is a gloriously beautiful time. From the air, the land looks like a patchwork quilt done in shaes of rust, gold, scarlet, and brown. Corn mazes are being prepared and the smell of smoldering leaves has a perfume all its own.

Since Autumn began this year, I have had numerous new releases in either ebook or print. WindRetriever, the ninth book in the WindLegends Saga Series was released fom New Concepts Publishing. There is only one more book left in this sword and sorcery adventure saga and the HEA ending is going to knock your socks off!

Also from NCP, of my bestselling novels of all time...was re-released. Eric McCormack was the inspiration for the demon Syntian Cree. This story was written in the small town of Milton, Florida .

WolfWind, the sequel to my very popular Spring Wind werewolf short story at Fictionwise came out. Spring Wind stayed on the Fictionwise bestseller list for dark fantasy for well over six months. At one point, it was in the top ten of the overall bestsellers. Look for it at New Concepts Publishing.

Ellora's Cave released WyndRaider just yesterday and if you're a Karl Urban and Vin Diesel fan, you'll recognize the two heroes of this novel as having been my inspiration. Today, EvilWind...the third novel in the WindDemons Trilogy...was released in print.

Yes, this is MY time of year. For me, the howling wind through the blades of the combines bringing in the corn and beans is a treat to my ears...almost as delicious as the tinkle of windchimes. I see a candy or caramel apple and begin to wax poetic about the season. The scent of burning leaves, the wafting of the smoke, the leaves playing tag amidst the denuded branches are like an aphrodisiac undulating through my blood. Ghosts and goblins await just around the corner and all is right with my world.

And this, too, is the time of my life when frost is beginning to appear in my once-brown hair. The sands of time are cutting light furrows at my eyes and are beginning to bracket my mouth. I am nearing the autumn of my days and I can hear the whispers of those I have lost calling to me in the cooling winds.

So tell me, my pretties: what is your favorite time of the year? When are you at your highest level of inspiration and productivity? What is in the air that makes you feel alive and want to throw your hat á la Mary Tyler Moore? What time of the year bums you out and makes you want to bury your head in your blankie and retreat?


Terry said...

I live in central Florida. We have 2 seasons. Summer and February 3rd. I hate summer. Enough said.


Ah, yes, central Florida. Been there; done that; have the fire ant bites to prove it! A year in Tampa, two years in Orlando, and eight in the Panhandle.... Three sisters-in-law in Naples.

I know Florida well,


Edita A. Petrick said...

Summer - no one I ever held dear died in summer. No one I ever have to help with homework has it in summer. No utility I have to pay huge heating bills to sends them in summer. Dogs don't track in snow and mud from yard. Fresh-cut grass smells great. Water pipes don't freeze in summer. And everyone who makes demands on me, day-in-day-out, is on vacation in another country in summer.

I love summer. Edita.


It seems all those I held dear died in the spring. I buried my mother and father's mingled ashes and the black lady who helped raise me all on the same day in the spring. I know it is a time of rebirth and renewal but for me it signifies great loss.

I agree completely about the smell of new-mown grass. That is such a clean smell. I have only inside kitties but I pull fresh grass for them to enjoy and they sit and munch happily for a few minutes.

I like summer, too, Edita, although cooling bills run as high as heating for us here in the Heartland of America and we still get mud. :(

Rowena Cherry said...

I love the autumn... even if it only lasts a couple of days in Michigan, I love the autumn colors, the golds and the scarlets, the purple michaelmas daisies, the mists, the mellow fruitfulness (though I could do without the drunken wasps/yellowjackets) the new apples and new potatoes, the last of the summer wine....

linda_rettstatt said...

Autumn is my favorite time. It's the season that I think best taps into all the senses: the colors, chill in the air, sounds of crunching leaves, the smell of damps earth, and aftertaste from breathing in woodsmoke. A transplant to Memphis, this is the one time of year I get homesick. I'm headed back to PA, then to New England in a week for my fall fix.



One of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen took place in the cornfield behind our house. The first frost had come and the shocks were covered with a thin layer of ice that sparkled in the sunshine. The field likes predominantly east to west so when the sun began to set behind the bank of tall black walnut trees on the western side, the entire field began to undulate in tones of red, yellow, and orange. It lasted on a few seconds but we all stood in awe and watching the 'wave' of color as it spread like a blanket across the field. Breathtakingly beautiful, it made you feel so humble and insignificant in its wake.

artlover said...

This one's easy to answer although it's not the same as yours.My favorite time is when the days start getting longer. I react badly to dark days, and hate the shortening of the sunlight. That makes Dec. 21st a big day for me, not because of Xmas ( although I love Xmas, but because the days now start giving more light to my soul. Jean Hart Stewart

Kate Burns said...

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. I love the crispness, changing colors, leaves raining down in the breeze. The hint of mischief, too, as pumpkins, scarecrows and sheet ghosts begin to appear in unexpected places. Yes, I like autumn. :)

N.J.Walters said...

I'm definitely a fall kinda gal. I love the site of the leaves changing color, the crispness in the air, and the scrunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet.

Plus, Halloween is almost here!

Sandra Cox said...

Autumn is magical with a cool crisp snap in the air and majestic colors all around, but it always reminds me that winter is coming so I prefer spring. Its a time of rebirth. The stark brown landscape pops with color, is awash with buds, fragrance, sunshine and warm rain.

Kate Hill said...

Autumn is my favorite. The weather is usually perfect--not too hot and not too cold. I've lived in New England all my life and fall is beautiful here. Also Halloween is my major holiday, so that's another big reason I love autumn.

Carolc said...

As a vampire book lover, and lover of all horror and gore, of course Halloween is my favorite time of year. The moon, the weather and of course it's the time of year those of use who love gore can enjoy more than any other time of year.

Rowan West said...


You get the BEST covers. And your new autumn blogspot looks lovely.

I live in New England where the colors are turning vibrantly as I write this. It is my favorite time of year. Although I see it all the time, the intensity of the folliage takes my breath away every year.

Cool nights, the hint of fires in the fireplace... and my birthday in October. Yes, I love the fall.

Rowan West